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May 12, 2012

GstarCAD Professional 2011

GstarCAD Professional is effective 2D and 3D CAD software, which can not only quickly sketch and draft your ideas for production, but also spatially and dynamically express them to everyone in the product development, marketing, and manufacturing or construction process.

GstarCAD Professional offers specialized toolsets for 3D modeling, rendering and visualization, sharing the core technology and 2D design features of GstarCAD Standard.


  • Compatibility with DWG format of AutoCAD 2010. Based on the latest ODA library, GstarCAD2010 fully supports the DWG formats up to AutoCAD 2010.
  • Newly implemented 3D rendering function provides options like specifying light source, material, background and render settings, making it possible to define rendering Details and get photo-like result. It also supports model rotation, zoom as well as dynamically display in the render window.
  • GstarCAD 2010's brand-new In-place MTEXT Editor is almost the same to the advanced AutoCAD, it will make your work experience more efficient with new and improved functions, such as a new text formatting toolbar, a new dialog Box for formatting paragraphs, and a new display options menu. Thus, you can Create and edit text objects freely as in other professional word processing software.
  • Xref refedit With GstarCAD2010 it is possible to switch Between editing external reference or not.
  • E-transmi t provides functions of drawing file backup and data transmitting by email, making the data exchange between designers or companies smoother and easier.
  • Associative Dimension function builds dynamic association between the dimension change and annotation update in model space. It helps to simplify the modification of entities with annotation in drawing.
  • Aerial View helps to quickly modify the place of view in the current viewport and position the drawing.

Version 2011

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