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Mar 15, 2012

Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Office Visio Professional 2007 is helping IT and business professionals worldwide visualize, analyze, and communicate Complex information, systems, and processes. Extend Office Visio 2007 programmatically or mix it w/ other applications to fit your industry-specific scenarios. Develop your own custom solutions and shapes, or use those from Visio Solution Providers. Embed and program the Visio drawing environment to include the power of Visio in any smart client application.
Improved features in Office Visio 2007:
  • Get started quickly w/ templates.
  • Quickly access templates you use often.
  • Get inspired by sample Diagrams.
  • Connect shapes without drawing connectors.
  • Easily connect data to diagrams and Link data to shapes.
  • Display data attractively in diagrams.
  • Easily refresh data in diagrams.
  • Visualize business data.
  • Visually report on project information.
  • Design professional-looking diagrams.
  • Reach broader audiences.
  • Integrate diagrams into other Microsoft Office applications.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on the same diagram.
  • Convert diagrams to multiple formats and share w/ others.
  • Collaborate using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Plan, analyze, and visualize your custom solutions.
  • Build powerful custom solutions.
  • Add Visio diagramming functionality to any context or program.
  • Take advantage of new data-driven solution support and new features in Office Visio 2007.
Microsoft Office Visio 2007

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