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Mar 14, 2012

NetQin Mobile Antivirus for Nokia 5.0

A simple, secure solution. The NetQin Mobile Antivirus uses leading technology to provide your mobile phone with complete security against all the latest mobile threats. From virus scans & updates to safe and reliable firewall protection, NetQin gives you dependable mobile security services from a name the industry knows and trusts.

  • Fast full scan - NetQin’s optimization strategy assures that complete, seamless scans are performed at extremely low resource expenditure w/o affecting any other mobile phone functions.
  • Timely and accurate real-time monitoring - NetQin Mobile Antivirus carefully monitors All Mobile files to Detect & remove any malicious activity in a time-effective manner.
  • On-line update capabilities - NetQin delivers fast, up-to-date protection at low traffic costs. Users are able to set up the scheduling of these updates for better convenience and operation performance.
  • Safe and reliable network firewall security - NetQin has developed and launched the world's first phone edition network firewall that can recognize and stop any malware from operating.
  • Flexible system management - Multiple functions are used to provide a user-friendly mobile phone management system and enhance mobile phone performance. 
Version 5.0

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